WorldAlpha Sniper

A war is raging on WorldAlpha and the military needs your help in clearing enemies from the city streets and the enemy's military compound. With 5 sniper rifles to choose from, gather your gear and be the crack military sniper that your country needs you to be. Your country's survival depends on your abilities to pick off the enemies snipers.

WorldAlpha Sniper is the first of three minigames that will be a part of the social strategy MMORTS called WorldAlpha. Here is your chance to explore the planet of WorldAlpha, before the game launches in the summer of 2013. Each round is three minutes long, with 2 beautiful backgrounds including a city view, and a country-side military installation.

WorldAlpha Sniper has now been released. You can buy the Full iOS Version for only $0.99. Or you can play the Free Demo iOS Version or Free Demo Flash version.


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