About WorldAlpha

WorldAlpha is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game or MMORTS. The game will involve players working together to decide what society they are going to form, as no one player will be able to do it all. Some will be businessmen, others military and political leaders. Together they will work together, and use social strategy to ultimately decide the fate of WorldAlpha.

New Planet Discovered! Its Destiny is Yours!

It is the not-so-distant future. Scientists have discovered an earth-like planet that is within reach. Not only that, they have discovered a way to send humans and limited supplies to this planet. You have been chosen to be a citizen of this new world. Supplies from Earth are limited, but this new planet has plentiful resources. It is now up to citizens of World Alpha to create a new society. They will create a new economy, where fortunes can be made or lost. They will create new cities, and learn how to govern them. Countries will be formed, and presidents and politicians will be elected.

Diplomacy between nations will arise. Militaries will be formed. Will this be a planet of peace or war? It will be up to you and your fellow citizens of World Alpha to decide what kind of society, it will ultimately be. What will you pursue? Fame, Fortune, Power, Military Might, or Happiness. Due to the Alpha planet’s rapid rotation, each day on Earth represents a week in World Alpha. You will be provided with very limited resources, but there are paying jobs to be found. So, go ahead new citizen, and get to work!

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